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Ever Have an Idea and Run With It?

In 19xx, out of a garage full of computer hardware parts in Melbourne, a company called Data Management was formed. Data Management’s conception was based off the blatant need for xxxx. A new location, addition of services and few government contracts later there was an internal need for a reliable and secure print shop.  In 19xx after considering all options and in a thriving advertising market, owner Jere Larson took a chance and opened the doors to Digital Graphics. What started as an internal resource for current clients soon turned into a multi-million dollar producing commercial print shop. From marketing firms, to credit unions, government municipalities and local businesses, Digital Graphics has been serving businesses with the upmost care and quality. Unfortunately, if you ask someone on the Space Coast if they’ve heard about us, the answer is usually a facial expression full of confusion. They are typically dumbfounded to learn about the extensive capabilities and quantities our shop can handle. After realizing this happened more often than not, we brainstormed some ideas on how we can get that to change! Que the inception of this blog and a strong effort to get more involved in the community.

Our intentions with this blog is to have fun, educate and allow you to get to know us on a more personal level. We’ll blog about current job projects, tips on printing and direct mail, staff members, events we’re associated with in the community, and much more!

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